How Does It Work?

Americare - local representation of all major companies, offering comprehensive long term in-home coverage, so you can stay home.

With the proper program in place, one may never have to go to a nursing home. The coverage gives one access to a pool of money. This covers nursing homes and assisted living facilities, or you can spend every dime of this money to stay at home.

One policy may cover two people, which could mean half the cost. If premiums are paid for seven years and one person dies, the spouse gets coverage free, with no premiums due again.

This will reimburse you 100% for expenses incurred up to a specified dollar amount.

And at home, not only will the coverage pay for someone to lift, or bathe, or dress, but now coverage has been expanded to pay for a chore worker--someone to go shop, make supper, do laundry, or housework.

Paying for this protection may be easier than you think. Since implementation of the "Pension Protection Act", long term care insurance can be funded with proceeds from an annuity and the gains are tax exempt.

We call this program "Nursing Home Avoidance" coverage. Can you really put a price on that?

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